Equality and Diversities Commission: a new work team in the Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu

  • Publicado el 06 de November de 2019

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This newly created commission becomes operational this 2019-2020 course.

Since the last month of June, 2019, the Campus Docent has a new commission: the Equality and Diversities Commission. With the goal of promoting the incorporation of a perspective based on equality in all the activities that take place in the center, it has been constituted a team initially formed by six members of the staff: two teachers at Training Cycles, two teachers at the Nursing Degree, a member from the Administration and Services Staff and the responsible for Communications.

One of the Commission's main goals has always been looking after the representativeness of all the stakeholders from the Campus Docent's educative community . It is for this reason that it awaits the incorporation of two more members from the student community; one person from the Nursing Degree and another one from Training Cycles. It has been launched a call geared towards all students from the center so they may submit their motivational letters, which will remain open until Thursday 31 October 2019. All received requests will be rated by the commission members and the choice will be made public during the month of November so the incorporation of the two people may be effective before the end of the year.

In order to make public this call and, at the same time, explaining which are the objectives pursued by the Commission, its duties and the mechanisms in decision-making, the Commission members have entered the classrooms during the first week of October to inform the students, sensitize them about the importance of their role on speaking and voting inside this commission and promoting their involvement in matters of equality.

With the coming into operation of this commission and the strand of the general goal being defined, it is intended to make a reflexion about the situation of the Campus in matters of equality, as well as the promotion of a critical awareness inside the community of the center. In order to accomplish it, it is provided the elaboration of an Equality Plan and its strategy of implementation and evaluation. This plan has to allow the outlining that foster the diagnosis, awareness and action before situations of discrimination for reasons of gender and/or other axes of inequality, as well as also encouraginf the equality of opportunities among all the people and promoting a teaching and organizational activity with gender perspective and sensitive with diversity.