Admission Criteria

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In the case of vocational training degrees, the Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu establishes admission criteria, taking into account their private ownership.

The number of places offered for each study are:

*1 place of each studio is reserved for the Social Programs of Sant Joan de Déu. If the place is deserted, it will be covered by the students on the waiting list, following scaling order.

Admission of students to the Formative Cycle will be in strict order of assigned score (out of 100 points) following the following requirements:


  • Average rating of the Study that grants access to the Cycle (weighted, as a maximum, over 30 points).
  • Be a brother, father or mother or child of a person who has studied or is studying, or a worker at the Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu (20 points).
  • Be a worker, volunteer (crediting more than 100 hours of exercise), or family member of a worker (up to the second line of consanguinity), of a center/institution belonging to the Order of Saint John of God. You must provide supporting documentation (15 points).
  • Have completed some other degree approved to the Campus Docent (15 points).
  • Could not register for the previous course due to lack of places (10 points).
  • Open-door attendance (10 points).

Order of Criteria in Case of Tie

  • Large Family or Single Parent
  • Siblings and/or parents disability (from an accredited 33%)
  • Students with Specific Educational Support Needs (Decree 150/2017 of the Educational Care of students in the framework of an inclusive educational system).
  • Average Study Qualification that gives access to the Training Cycle.

Registration Requirements

  • Registration implies the acceptance and signature of the letter of commitment to the school’s ideals and the acceptance of the rules of coexistence.
  • Priority is given to those who complete the Training Cycle.

The admission lists will be published on the Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu website and will be informed by email.

A one-week period will be opened for the making of allegations.

During the period of admission and pre-registration, interviews with the Head of Studies of the Training Cycles may be requested. The registration process shall be carried out until all places offered for that course are filled.