Solidarity, Cooperation and Volunteering

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From the beginning of hospitality, Solidarity can't be posed as a mere assistance activity, but must basically be a meeting that contributes to boosting the development of people and collectives that take a part in this meeting. It is im this sense that from the Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu we work to foster the solidary dimension in our educative community.

We propose a training that includes reflexion and debate about the necessity of being solidary, specially in situations of vulnerability that generate from social inequalities. While the study, reflexion and debate are necessaru¡y. the most significative learning comes from specific realities, all the better if those are life experiences.  It is because of this that we facilitate that our students can take part in an active way in various solidary actions, such as sensibilization campaigns, humanitary help, volunteering in the centers of the Order, as well as international volunteering in coordination with Juan Ciudad ONGD.

Our compromise as a center also manifests in the institutional twinnings and collaboration agreements that we keep with other centers of the Order in different places of the world. The goals we raise are the following:

  1. Fostering the social compromise of the educational community at the Campus.
  2. Facilitating that each member of the Campus may find the place and the way of engaging and incorporating to their everyday life a solidary attitude and duty.
  3. Training professionals commited to the construction of a fairier and equitable world

In order to consolidate this culture of Solidarity it was created the Solidarity Club, which intends to be a space for meeting, sensibilization and coordination, open to all the members of the Campus. The activities we carry on are:

  • Sensiblization and humanitary help campaigns.
  • Volunteering at the Centers of Sant Joan de Déu.
  • International volunteering in coordination with Juan Ciudad ONGD, seizing the opportunity that offers us the presence of the Order of Sant Joan de Déu in different countries, specially Peru and Cuba.
  • Collaborate with the twinning between the Campus Docent and the St. John of God Nursing School in Mabesseneh, Sierrra Leone and with the Auxiliary Nurses Schools in Medellín and the Ceja in Colombia.

Caring constitutes the main function of sanitary professionals. But it is not posible to apply caring without feeling and recognize the other, in other words, it is imposible to care without solidarizing with the other. Culture of Solidarity has been growing and consolidating among the community of the Campus along these last years, it is not about conducting punctual and isolated actions anymore, but Solidarity is a strategy line that takes a substantial part in an integral training project that incorporates the ethos of Sant Joan de Déu.