Fundació Victor Grífols Award for a project on bioethics

  • Publicado el 08 de November de 2019

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Three professors at the Campus Docent were awarded for their research project with the bioethics scholarships award of the Fundació Víctor Grifols i Lucas last 21 October at the Convalescence house in Barcelona

Dr. Juan Roldán, Dr. Bárbara Hurtado and Dr. Ainoa Biurrun , certified professors at the Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu, along with Dr. Maria Francisca Jiménez, Dr. Isabel Font and Dr. Leticia Bazo from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili gained the bioethics scholarships award of the Fundació Víctor Grífols i Lucas for their research project: “Sensibilidad Moral de estudiantes de Enfermería en grado y posgrado”. which has been selected for one of the 6 research scholarships awarded among the 43 projects applying.

During the academic training, students of the Nursing Degree acquire skills of different nature. Inside these skills, and from the ethical point of view comes up the need for promoting the creation of devices that allow the subsequent design of learning interventions to increase the ethical and attitudinal skills of the students, as well as their moral sensitivity for healthcaring.

Nursing professionals, during their daily assistance practice, have to take moral decisions of heavy importance. The right choicemaking requires of a great perception skill, which enables professionals to consider the small details, not visible, but perceptible indeed for the person who is receiving the nursing cares. Each decission implies an act of respect that impacts on all actors implied during the assistance.

With the help of the Grífols Scholarship, doctors may continue working in a research project that has as an objective the valoration of moral sensitivity. The submitted project consists of the validation of the Spanish version of the Moral Sensitivity Questionnaire on Nursing Degree and Postgraduate students, as well as the Moral Sensitivity on Nursing Cares Questionnaire of Campillo, conducting the adaptations and reliability studies of the devices in order to finally be able to evaluate the moral sensitivity level of the students and analysing the correlation of the moral sensitivity level between the two questionnaires.