Professor Óscar Bautista obtains the title of Doctor

  • Publicado el 30 de September de 2020

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On September 25, Dr. Óscar Bautista Villaécija, full professor of the Campus, presented his doctoral thesis entitled “Construcción del proceso de profesionalización de enfermería desde los centros universitarios de la Orden Hospitalaria de San Juan de Dios (OHSJD)”.

The goal of this research has been to know the process of construction of the nursing profession from the university centers of the Hospital Order of Sant Joan de Déu from the model of professionalization proposed by Dr. Juan Sáez Carreras.

The thesis of Dr. Óscar Bautista it has made it possible to identify the most important actors who, according to university teachers, are involved in the professionalisation process, as well as the resources provided by the different actors involved.

In order to comply with the established objectives, the qualitative methodology and more specifically tools of the Fundamental theory have been used, based on the data collected from the focused bibliography and the focus groups, in the different university centers of the OHSJD in Spanish territory.

The thesis has been co-directed by Dr. Juan Sáez Carreras, Professor of Pedagogy at the Universitat de Murcia, and Dr. Laura Martínez Rodríguez, professor at the Universitat de Lleida. The thesis was supervised by Dr. José Antonio Rabadán Rubio

We congratulate our professor for achieving this academic degree and obtaining the qualification of Excellent Cum Laude for the research carried out.