The Campus Docent starts the academic course 2019-2020 with a new headmistress

  • Publicado el 06 de November de 2019

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Dr. Lorena Molina takes over in the direction of Dr. Amèlia Guilera who, after thirteen years in charge of the center, leaves her responsibilities and management functions, becoming a part of the teachers team in the Nursing Degree.

On 5 September last Dr. Lorena Molina Raya was incorporated to the Campus Docent. She is a Doctor in Biomedicine from the Pompeu Fabra University and has two masters in matters of administration, Nursing services management and leadership. She also has broad experience in the healthcare field in several catalan sanitary institutions, among which can be highlighted the Medical Emergency System (SEM) and Badalona Healthcare Services (BSA).

In the field of academic management she has been head of studies in the Nursing Graduate School in Mar - Parc de Salud Mar (ESIM-Pompeu Fabra University) and has occupied positions of responsibility in the Mataró-Maresme TecnoCampus Health Sciences Graduate School.

Dr. Molina is a very committed person when it comes to her career, not just in the teaching and managemet fields, but also in the welfare one. In this regard, she claims to very much enjoy making guards in the SEM for the added value that implies the approach of the academic field to the healthcare; a job she wishes to be able to combine with the rest of duties, currently entrusted to the Campus Docent.

Her interests in research and teaching innovation have driven her to publishing scientific articles, taking part on various projects and, also, being a member of research groups as, for example, the Ciberehd from Digestive Pathophysiology and Neurogastroenterology Research from the Mataró Hospital and the group GIEES, from Research on Nursing, Education and Society.

All the team from the Campus Docent congratulate Dr. Molina for her recent appointment, wishing her a good trajectory in the center and the achievement of new professional goals in this institution.