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  • Publicado el 04 de December de 2020

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On November 26 and 27, 2020, part of the film "Sinjar", by the director from Tarragona Anna M. Bofarull, partner of the KaBoGa production company, was shot at the Centre de Simulació Sant Agustí, in Sant Boi de Llobregat.

Sinjar is an Iraqi city that borders Syria inhabited by the Yazidi minority. In 2014 it was occupied by the Islamic State, which killed its men and turned its women into sex slaves. The film, by the production company KaBoGa explores the affective relationships of three women: two of the ethnic group Yazidí, who suffered the consequences of the genocide, and a Catalan. Carlota, played by actress Nora Navas is a nurse and is looking for her son who has gone to Syria to join the Jihad (Islamic State). Hadi is a Yazidi slave, imprisoned in a house in Syria with three of her children. Arjin is a young woman who manages to escape from captivity and will join the Kurdish militias.

The film, based on true stories, has been affected by multiple obstacles such as the difficulty of shooting the first part of the feature film in Kurdistan by an all-female team and by the Covid-19 pandemic, which was interrupted mid-shoot.

Finally, it was possible to finish filming in Catalonia, coinciding with the fact that the last scene of this fictional feature film was shot in the Centre de Simulació Sant Agustí del Campus Docent. 

Professors Núria Grané, Jaime Carballedo and Mariona Farrés, have supported the props regarding the hospital and the performance of the nursing procedures of the actress Nora Navas. 

“Sinjar” cannot be seen before 2021 and everything indicates that it will be present at many international festivals. Eager to see the result, the Campus Docent celebrates its participation in "a war movie with the eyes of a woman", in the words of its director, screenwriter and producer.