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From the Campus Docent Sant Joan de Deu we want to share with you a special way of seeing and doing teaching, in this case in a virtual (or remotely, as you prefer). To do this end we have drafted a Decalogue, not of norms or laws, but of reasons, motives … values that we want to have, and you to have in mind, throughout all the time that you are with us.

It’s 10, but it could be 8 or 12, it could be these or different, but the ones we have chosen to share with you are the ones we think are the most interesting and representative as an orientation of the form and behavior we expect from you and that we try to convey in this course.

On these same pages of the website, you will find the values that guide all those who work together with the Order of Saint Joan de Déu. Values that we will also work within our courses.

But those specific to this type of learning, which you will see reflected in the Decalogue, are about Respect and Tolerance, Honesty, Responsibility, Collaboration, Effort and Overcoming.

We hope you will share these values with us and your peers.

  1. Enter and participate in the classroom on a regular basis.
  2. Organize. Reserve time each day in your schedule to follow the course and perform the assigned tasks.
  3. Respect the deadlines set for participation in the forums and the delivery of activities.
  4. Keep an ethical attitude when you do your jobs, avoid plagiarism.
  5. In debates, be respectful, stand up for your ideas but be open and tolerant of ideas you do not share
  6. Read all the interventions of the tutor and your peers before answering or expressing yours.
  7. Express your ideas clearly and concisely, then check the spelling and clarity of the whole message. Suggestions are accepted and critizised.
  8. Collaborate with your peers during learning, the tutor is not the only one who can answer and clarify ideas.
  9. You are primarily responsible for your learning, are curious and enjoy learning.
  10. Don’t be discouraged... ASK... and then ASK ... and then... if necessary ... ask for HELP!!!.

If you choose this mode of study, this is what you will do:







.......... LEARN... and ENJOY !!!