First edition of the Higher Degree Training Cycle (LOE) of Social Integration

  • Publicado el 15 de September de 2020

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The Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu teaches the 2020-2021 academic year the Higher Degree Training Cycle (LOE) of Social Integration.

This training belongs to the professional branch of Sociocultural Services and to the community. The duration of the course is 2,000 hours distributed in two academic courses. 

Vocational training has an important job reception with high rates of labor insertion and allows students who wish to follow a training process to continue studying. It is currently one of the fastest ways to access the labor market.

With this commitment, the Campus Docent opens the social line in vocational training. This training is aimed at people who want to join the world of work as social integrators and students who choose the path of training cycles to subsequently access any university degree.

The profile of students can be as broad as each of the professional opportunities but they must share the capacity for empathy and good social skills that allow them to communicate positively, promoting a special sensitivity to work with the most vulnerable groups.

These studies enable the student to program, organize, implement and evaluate social integration interventions applying specific strategies and techniques, promoting equal opportunities, acting at all times with an attitude of respect towards the target people and guaranteeing the creation of safe environments for both the target audience and the professional.

To make it possible, the studies will be characterized by their comprehensive training, individualized monitoring, work methodology and the relationship with the world of work. All of them, basic and essential elements to enable students to develop their academic and professional capacities, skills and values.

The Campus makes available all the necessary resources to achieve the competences of this degree, a teaching team with extensive professional experience in their area of ​​knowledge and a wide range of companies to carry out the specific practices of the degree.

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