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The European Area of Higer Education, often called the Bologna process (1999), has enhanced the change in European Universities, after a long reflection process.

The main objective of the Bologna Declaration is:

  • Adopting an intelligible and comparable titulations system (certifiable and certified) to promote job opportunities and competitiveness of the European higher educational systems. It is a supplement to the qualification / document attached to the basic academic record and intends to collect the real competences of the student, reflects the learning process throughout their life, accrediting knowledge acquired in different European institutions of higher education.
  • Foster mobility and cooperation among European universities, students and professors, providing research and improvement of educational quality.
  • Establishing a titulation system mainly based on three cycles: Degree (first cycle titulation, adapted by the European job market); Master (second cycle titulation); Doctorate (third cycle titulation).
  • Establishing a common credit system (ECTS) to foster the comparison of studies and favour free circulation of students and graduates.

The European credit ECTS (European Credits Transfer System), encompasses all the theoretical and practical teaching, as well as all the work the student dedicates to achieve the educational objectives.

This system establishes in 60 credits the volume of the complete work of a student on full time during an academic year. (30 ECTS in one semester).

            1ECTS: 25h of student work.

The Ministry of Education and Science poses the organisation of universitary teachings in Spain, organised in three cycles, as established by the agreements generated from the construction of the (EEES).

THE NURSING DEGREE is worth 240 credits.