Institutional phylosophy

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The phylosophy of the Campus Sant Joan de Déu is framed within the phylosophy of the Hospital Order.

Institutional ethos of San Juan de Dios

The cental value of the Hospital Order is HOSPITALITY. It is from the choice of this value and its development that the ones of us who are a part of the Hospital Family want to contribute to the development and well-being of our society.

HOSPITALITY is our main value, in it we find the essence of our charisma and takes us to always live with an open attitude towards the rest. It is about embracing the neighbour as they are, always from the heart.


QUALITY is the essential basis of our service and our operation: we must get involved, both collaborators and Brethren, in the continuous improvement of the care given in our centers. We try to look for new treatments that help improve the quality of our users. Our raison d'être lies on the search of the best for the person assisted.


RESPECT is an indispensable condition for being able to act in a hospitalary way with everything that has to see with welcoming and companionship. It requires to develop listening skills and patience. Often, a silent presence may express more than any other word.


RESPONSIBILITY represents a fundamental criterion for our service and our management that translates in fidelity to the ideals of San Juan de Dios and the Order in the promotion of ethics, environmental protection, social responsibility, sostenibility, justice and fair distribution of resources.


The value of SPIRITUALITY guides every person in their search for a meaning, religion and the transcendental. We do pastoral work on health and offer spiritual care in our centers to other religions. We collaborate with different dioceses and parishes and with other religious denominations.

Organizational principles

  • The student  is the center of all the educational activity.
  • The educative model is based on a comprehensive and personalized education that combines technological advancements and human progress.
  • The respect for human dignity forms the basis of all educative interventions. It is defended and promoted mutual demands of rights and duties of the person as a warranty for the personal and professional development of the student.
  • Diversity of religious beliefs and other existential approaches are very much respected, as well as the expression of pluralism and democratic tolerance.
  • The ethical dimension adquires a particular depth in the education of the student and is based on the principles and values that derive from the Hospitalary Order of Sant Joan de Déu and from the professional Code of ethics.
  • The Campus is open to collaboration with other institutions and organisations for the development of their social and professional functions. 
  • The Campus specially fosters the interrelation between their members via the participation and integration in the exercise of activities and enables, in a volunteer basis, the creation of identity bonds with the institution.
  • The Campus tends to create a learning system of its own that reflects the sociocultural spirit the Order has elaborated, expressed over its years of history in its desire for giving an answer to the needs of people ad society.
  • Catalan is adopted as native language with the will of integrating it in the society that serves on and contributing to the normalisation of its use, and as a kind of linguistic enrichment it is also respected the use of Castillian.