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On July 7, 1961 the Ministry of Education and Sciences issued the order of creation of the Healthcare Technical Assistants School of Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona.

On September 21, 1962 began the first closed regime course for the brethren of the Order of San Juan de Dios. The phylosophy of the School was based on the principle of charity that characterizes the Order. Teaching was responsibility of the medical professionals who imparted the subjects of Anatomy, Physyology, Medical and surgical pathology, Ethics, Radiology, Physiotherapy ad Surgery. Most of the brethren combined their studies on Nursing and Theology.

During the academic year of 1968/69 the School opens its gates to society, specifically to male secular students. This facts does not modify the phylosophy that inspired the School: Training professionals following the principles of the Order of San Juan de Dios.

During the seventies come together several factors that imply transformations for the health system. Big social changes, technology advancements and specialization in medicine, and the new needs that raise within the field of health compel to revise the training programs and reality of Nursing Schools. In this context, in the year 1973/74 begins the first mixed promotion of students in the ATS School of Sant Joan de Déu. Women enter the School. Teaching still is, mainly, in the hands of medical professionals but ATS are incorporated to monitorize the practices and conduct theoretical and practical classes.

The most important qualitative plunge happens in the year 1977. Nurse training becomes a Postgraduate University Diploma and, according to the Resolution of July 19, 1999 of the University of Barcelona, it is reformed the old study plan and published the new plan that homologates the qualification of  Licensed on Nursing, ATS schools are integrated to the University, becoming Universitary Schools of Nursing.

The new teaching plan modifies the academic training of the students, causing a reorientation of the concept of caring. From the biomedical model of the study plans it is adopted a model based on comprehensive and holistic care of the person. The new study plan clusters the subjects in four areas of knowledge: Basic sciences, Human being knowledge, Behavioural Sciences and Fundamental nursing. Gradually the responsibility of teaching befalls on Nursing professionals themselves who become full professors and operate the direction and management of the School. Throughout the academic year 1992/93 it is applied a new study plan, the same one that imparts the Universitary School of Nursing of the University of Barcelona, homologated by the agreement of the Academic Commission of the College Board dating September 28, 1992 (Official State Bulletin, February 11, 1993). The Universitary School of Nursing Sant Joan de Déu is adscribed to the University of Barcelona, with whom it maintains the agreement (UB-EUI Sant Joan de Déu) and regulation of Internal Regime. And subsequently, between the years 1979 and 1990 the School lives a long period of itinerancy throughout various educational centres in the city of Barcelona. In the year 1990 the School moves to the Recint Marí Codolar of the Salesian Brethren, where it will stay located until year 2001.

It is important to stress that in the year 1995/96 begins the first edition of the Postgraduate Course of Improving on Child Nursery. From this academic year, and thus far, the School has set in motion a total of 14 Postgraduate courses and Masters, as well as numerous continuous training courses for professionals.

In the academic year 1998/99 begins the work for the ellaboration of the Education Project of the EUI, in which takes part every full professor and some collaborators. The objective is to define the mission and vision of the School, and mainly, the training and educational phylosophy based on the principles of the Order.

The inauguration of the Edifici Docent Sant Joan de Déu allows the School to have a location next to the Maternity and Child Hospital in Esplugues (Barcelona). It is the year 2001, specifically October 30. It is a fact of great transcendence for the entity, since the facilities adapt to the needs of a School in continuous growth. In this sense, on November 27, 2001 the certificate of incorporation of the Escola Universitària d’Infermeria as Private Foundation.

Since its begginings, the phylosophy of San Juan de Dios has been present in the School, specially in the transmission of the values that characterize the Order. Humanization of caring is the momentous objective that has guided the teaching methodology and contents during the history of the EUI. In this sense, the EUI Sant Joan de Déu trains students following the Virginia Henderson Model, clearly influenced by humanistic phylosophy, which places the person in the centre of the caring and orientates all interventions towards them. Tha adoption of this way of caring implies respect towards the person, its dignity, intimacy, ability to decide, adapt and act on their own account (Phaneuf, M: 1993, 3), orienting professional practice of Nursing towards the fundamental needs of the person and directing interventions to conserve or reestablish independence in the satisfaction of said needs.

Another relevant fact is the set in motion, in the year 2007/08, of the Teaching Centre Sant Joan de Déu to impart the Study Plan of the Medium Training Cycle of Technician in Auxiliary Cares in Nursing, according to the DOGC n. 2464 de 28.08.1997. It is also highlighted the social training and continuous training. Since the year 2010/11 it is imparted the Medium Training Cycle of Documentation that allows access to the University.

In order to agglutinate the Teaching Centre and the Universitary School is born the Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu that modify its statutes on June 20, 2011. In 2017, the Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu moves its headquarters to the ESADE Building.

In the year 2009/10 starts the deployment of the Nursing Degree. It is imparted the Study Plan of the University of Barcelona that matches the requirements of the European Area of Higher Education. This new plan means an important qualitative plunge since it implies new teaching and evaluative methodologies, and gives nurses access to doctorate, after having studied an universitary master. Concerning teaching staff, requirements of the Bologna Plan are centred around acreditation as doctors with researcher curriculum.

The beggining of the Nursing Degree means the extinction of Postgraduate Diplomas. On june, 2011 graduated the last promotion of Licensed on Nursing. On June, 2013 graduated the first promotion of Graduates in Nursing.

Currently training cycles, nursing degree and postgraduate training courses are being developed in the areas of health, social action, complementary therapies and professional growth.

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