Quality and environment policy

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The Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu is a center that belongs to the Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios. The Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu is attached to the University of Barcelona, with an exemplary and reference trajectory within its educational community. The Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu is recognized by the Department of Education for the delivery of intermediate and higher education courses.

Our Quality and Environmental Policy has been and will always be, in accordance with the expectations and educational needs of our students, according to the health and social needs, offering them quality education and services, seeking continuous improvement and aiming for excellence in service and pollution prevention.

The implementation and maintenance of our quality and environmental management system guarantee the fulfilment of this objective, which includes:

  • The principles and values of the Order of Saint John of God constitute the reference frame in which our educational function is carried out.
  • The personal dimension of the learner, which requires the satisfaction of his/her learning needs and the acquisition of values that facilitate his/her growth as a person.
  • The professional dimension, which requires us to fulfil our commitment to teaching staff, administration and service staff, companies, universities and institutions.
  • The social dimension, which calls for professionals with knowledge, skills and attitudes capable of improving coexistence and contributing to the development of society.
  • And the performance and updating of the objectives of quality and good environmental practices and the requirements established by the Educational Administration.
  • Compliance with legal and other applicable requirements and improvement of environmental management.

The management of the centre is committed to:

  • Establishing the policy and objectives of quality and good environmental practices.
  • Communicate the Quality and Environment Policy in all the staff of the Center and the recipients of our service.
  • Manage the centre’s resources to provide the infrastructure necessary to achieve quality objectives and good environmental practices.
  • Review the school’s Quality and Environment Policy in order to adapt it to changes in our educational, health and social environment.

The whole organisation of the Centre in general and the management in particular takes responsibility for actively participating in the development and improvement of the centre’s quality and environment policy, assuming it as a value factor for the campus and as a facilitator in the fulfillment of our mission.


Barcelona, 12 December 2018