Student defense mechanisms

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The Quality Committee is responsible for defining the channels of communication of allegations, complaints and suggestions, modifying them, deleting them and/or improving them.

The Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu has at the disposal of all stakeholders, and specifically students, channels of communication, complaints and suggestions.

These channels are the following:

  • Incident and non-conformity sheet to Secretariat.
  • Contact link to the website of the Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu.
  • Hours of meetings available with the Head of Studies and the Teaching Secretary.
  • Hours of tutoring meetings.
  • Cloisters.
  • School Board.

Communication to students is carried out through information sessions in the enrolment process, reception sessions at the beginning of the course, and at the events of election of delegates and school boards.

It is the responsibility of the Head of Administration and Finance and General Services to centralize the information derived from the allegations, complaints and suggestions and submit them to the Quality Commission for analysis and, together with the parties concerned, provide solutions to resolve the causes of the problem identified. This analysis of detected incidents is carried out monthly at a meeting of the Quality Committee. The objective is to assess the impact, provide corrective actions and follow up on incidents and actions of previous meetings.

The Head of Administration and Finance and General Services generates a record of all reported incidents so that the quality committee makes a global analysis of all information and can detect common problems or related. The overall analysis of this information is done annually and recorded in the E.2-O-2, the revision minutes of the system performed by the management.