Student participation mechanisms

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The mechanisms for student participation in the system for strengthening the quality of education are implemented through the Foundation’s

Board of Trustees: The student representative in the Board of Trustees is aware of all issues related to the management and development of the Centre in all its aspects.

School Board: It is the body of participation of students in which delegates and sub-delegates of all the Degree courses expose to the Management, teachers and problems and needs, as well as proposals for improvement, at the same time as they receive information on the development of teaching activities.

Delegates: They represent the different courses and act as spokespersons on all those aspects that affect the students they represent.

Students: Students are monitored on the degree of satisfaction of the students on all those aspects that are of interest to them, using the following supports:

  • O.5-01 PAS evaluation questionnaire (via Moodle).
  • O.5-02 Assessment of subjects and teachers (via Moodle).
  • O.5-03 Evaluation course (via Moodle).
  • O.5-04.1 School assessment questionnaire: Initial (when the student enrolls) (via Moodle).
  • O.5-04.2 School assessment questionnaire: Final (when the student is graduated) (via Moodle).
  • O.5-07 Evaluation of training activities (via Moodle).
  • O.5-09 Evaluation of the traineeship field by the student (via Moodle).
  • O.5-16 Integrated Case Assessment. O.5-30 Assessment of professional competencies (via Moodle).
  • O.5-31 Evaluation of the Erasmus programme (via Moodle).
  • O.8-03 Evaluation of the reception plan.
  • O.9-02 Evaluation of the action plan Tutorial.
  • S.7.1-01 Reporting of incidents.