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Entrance profile

The master has a double purpose. On the one hand, it is professionalising with the aim of training professionals with extensive knowledge of social exclusion, and on the other hand, it is a researcher, providing students with the necessary tools to carry out research projects in this field.

The master’s degree is aimed at graduates with higher university education in the social field (social work, social psychology, sociology, anthropology) and in the educational field (social education, pedagogy, psychopedagogy) and in the field of health (nursing), as well as other graduates who demonstrate a professional career focused on the social, educational and health fields.

The master’s degree is aimed at graduates with a higher university education.

Official entrance qualifications:

  • Graduate in Social Work. Graduate or Diploma in Social Education.
  • Graduate in Teaching. Graduate in Nursing.
  • Graduate in Pedagogy. Graduate / a Licensed / a in Psychology.
  • Graduate or Licensed in Sociology.
  • Graduate or Licensed in Psychopedagogy.
  • Graduate or Licensed in Antropología Social y Cultural.
  • Graduate or Licensed in Dirección y administración de empresas.
  • Graduate or Licensed in Economics.
  • Graduate or Licensed in Political Science.
  • Graduate or Licensed in Law.

The academic Commission of the Master may also consider (depending on availability of places) the approval of requests from cadidates with studies of Graduate or Licensed in other Degrees, which accredit more than two years of professional career centered on the social, educational and health spheres.

Regarding linguistic skills, the student must master Spanish and/or Catalan.

Output profile

  • Coordination of work teams in social action.
  • Intermediate commands.
  • Responsible for social work services/ social intervention, both in the health/health and social fields.
  • Research in the field of social sciences in the field of social exclusion.
  • University teaching (undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate).
  • Consultants by social entities on social policies, strategic approach.
  • Public service advisers on social exclusion and social policies.
  • Technicians in local, regional and state administrations.

Number of places offered

Forty places are offered.

Selection criteria

  • 40% Training trajectory. Priority will be given to defined access qualifications and other training courses (master’s, postgraduate) will be taken into account ) related to the nature of the master).

  • 40% Professional career in the field of social exclusion. In this case, three different elements will be evaluated in order of relevance:

    • Number of years in professional sectors related to social inclusion/exclusion.

    • Importance of positions held in institutions and/or programmes related to social inclusion/exclusion.

    • Relevance of the professional functions performed in these institutions and programs.

  • 10% Academic record. The average score obtained in the grade or equivalent will be taken into account.

  • 10% Motivations. The elements that justify the choice of the master will be evaluated.