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Scholarships and grants

Please refer to the scholarships and grants for master's degree students to find out about the requirements, procedures and deadlines for applying for a scholarship or grant.

There are scholarships and grants at any university stage and of all kinds: for research, to participate in exchange programs, to access summer courses, to expand studies or research abroad, to work as a reader, to do internships in other countries, etc.

All this information is accessible from the Món UB scholarship portal.

Support and orientation actions

Information and actions prior to enrolment

  • Activities for the presentation of the master’s degree carried out within the framework of the Open Days, held every year at the Campus Docent San Joan de Déu, during the first half of June, namely 14 June 2016.
  • Dissemination and information about the Master, 2016, with the participation in the 27th Edition of the Saló de l’Ensenyament.
  • Individual informative meeting conducted by the coordinator of the Master’s Degree with all students who are pre-enrolled in the course. 
  • Orientation and reception actions specific to the degree for new students
  • Welcome Tutoring: informative group meeting, conducted by the coordinating committee of the Master on the first day of the course, where information is provided on the institution, the objectives of the master’s degree, the teaching plan and the training methodologies, as well as the evaluation of the student throughout the studies.
  • Information about the Tutorial Action Plan, tutor assignment and TAP schedule.
  • There are plans to conduct tutorials for the reception and reception of foreign students.

Orientation and support actions for students of the degree

  • The Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu has designed the Tutorial Action Plan for Master and Postgraduate studies.
  • The Tutorial Action Plan is the framework that regulates the organization of student mentoring. The most important objective is to promote the integration and participation of students in the educational institution, by providing a personalized follow-up of their learning process and orienting them towards their professional future.

Objectives of the Tutorial Action Plan

  • Welcoming, informing and accompanying the student at the beginning of his studies.
  • Establish a communication, with the student, continuous and personalized.
  • Help and support the student to reflect on their learning.
  • Mentor the progressive achievement of learning competences and outcomes.
  • Encourage the use of validated information sources appropriate to your interest and learning objectives.
  • Advise and evaluate the realization of the Final Project of the Master.
  • Guide on the insertion in the world of work, at the end of the studies.
  • Reinforce the human and integral formation of the student.

Tutor functions

  • Guide the student throughout the learning process.
  • Make the student responsible for carrying out research projects of common interest that are relevant for the degree.
  • Orient, mentor and evaluate the Final Work of Master.
  • Offer support in those aspects that the student requires.
  • Ensure the acquisition of the proposed competencies and learning outcomes.
  • Enhance student self-assessment and reflection.
  • Provide career guidance, if appropriate.

Organisation of the tutorings

Each student is assigned a tutor from the beginning of the course. The tutor assignment is made in relation to the profile of the student and according to their research interests and professional orientation.

During the academic year, virtual or face-to-face tutorials that tutor and student consider appropriate are held.

Tutoring is a shared responsibility between tutor and student.