Recognition of credits

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Credit recognition consists in the inclusion in the curriculum of official education credits previously obtained through training or professional experience.

This is regulated in the Rules for the Recognition and Transfer of Credits in Master’s Degree Courses at the UB.

Training to be recognised

  1. Credits obtained in official courses previously completed, at the University of Barcelona or at any other university, are included in the new official courses, for the purpose of obtaining an official title.
  2. Credits received in higher education leading to other degrees covered by Article 34.1 of the University Law 6/2001.

Work and professional experience, provided that it is related to the competences of the degree being studied by the student.

The credit limit which may be recognised, on the basis of other qualifications and professional experience, may not, taken as a whole, exceed 15 % of the credits in the curriculum which the student is taking.

Only a percentage greater than 15 % may be recognised, up to the full credit of the curriculum, when the own degree has been extinguished and replaced by the official title, and thus be recorded in the official title record verified under the conditions established in articles 6.4 and 6.5 of Royal Ordinance 861/2010.

Criteria for the recognition of Credits

  1. As regards the criteria to be applied to the recognition of credits obtained in higher education leading to other degrees:
    1. Students coming from master’s and postgraduate degrees in Education Sciences may apply for recognition of one or both subjects in subject 9.
  2. As regards the criteria to be applied to the recognition of work experience and professional:
    1. Students who demonstrate a work experience of two years or more in professional sectors related to social inclusion/exclusion may apply for recognition of Subject 12 Professional Practices (6 credits).
    2. Those students who have exercised functions of management of institutions and/or of management of multiprofessional teams during, at least one year, they may apply for recognition of the subject Management and management of institutions and teams in the social field belonging to the subject Social professions (3 credits).
    3. Students who meet both requirements may apply for recognition of the above subjects (9 credits).

Documentation to be delivered:

  • Document of Request of Recognition of credits (Request in Secretariat).
  • Legal document (original and copy) that certifies professional experience.