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The objective of the External Internship course is to enable students to develop the skills acquired during their training period by incorporating them into different institutional realities. For this, a university professor will be selected to tutor the apprenticeship, as well as a tutor in the institution hosting the internship.

The set of hours of the subject is 150 that will be distributed as follows:

  • 5h previous of preparation for the internship stay
  • 100 hours of internship stay in the institution
  • 10h of monitoring and supervision

At the end of the stay the student must submit a final report.

The modality and functions of the subject of External Practices will be:

  1. Incorporation to the tasks of the teams of the host institutions where you can perform two types of functions:
  2. Elaborate for the institution of practices an analysis and diagnosis of social and/or educational intervention practices

Management of the practices will be carried out primarily by the subject coordinator and the management team, with the support of the administrative staff for the elaboration and signing of agreements. This management will include the selection of internship centres, meetings to prepare the internships and their overall coordination, as well as the preparation of the internship training project, in accordance with current UB regulations, in each of the institutions.

Entities with which we have an internship agreement:

  • Fundació Tomàs Canet
  • SOS Racisme
  • Fundació ARED
  • Parc Sanitari Serveis Salut Mental Sant Boi
  • Fundació Els Til.lers
  • Intecserveis-Sant Joan de Déu 
  • Barcelona Serveis Socials Sant Joan de Déu
  • ONG Juan Ciudad (International Practices)