Tutorial Action Plan

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The Tutorial ACtion Plan is the frame that regulates the organisation of student tutoring. The most important goal is to favour integration and student participation in the educational institution, conducting a personalized follow-up of their learning process and orient them towards thei professional future.

Objectives of the Tutorial Action Plan:

  • Welcome, inform and accompany the student during the beginning of their studies.
  • Facilitate adaptation to the university world.
  • Establish a continuous and personalized communication with the student.
  • Help the student reflect about their learning process: difficulties, doubts, future projects.
  • Guide the student during the progressive achievement of the competences and results of the learning process.
  • Give support in the learning process and help the student analyse and solve difficulties and problems that may arise before them.
  • Enhance the student's capacity of self-learning.
  • Provide guidance about the insertion in the world of work at the end of studies.

Mentoring organisation:

The tutorial action plan is structured in two areas.

On the one hand, each student has the support of the coordinator or course manager. Each course has a coordinator, who is in charge of managing the progress of the course, coordinating the teachers and providing support and follow-up to the class group and each student during the two semesters of the academic year.

On the other hand, throughout the course, students have three mentoring sessions in small groups (13-15 people), sessions in which they work topics, skills and competences that help the student to develop comprehensively in different facets (academic, personal, professional, etc.) such as group work, ethical commitment, career guidance, emotional management, etc.

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